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Chopstick Rest (5pcs)

Chopstick Rest (5pcs)

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Daniel Allen
Cleverly Designed and Elegant

These little chopstick rests are a classy addition to one's meal setup. The bamboo manufacture is elegant and aesthetically pleasing and looks great as part of a setting. Also, the functionality of having an internal slot to hold the chopsticks before use is inspired.

Having said that, I do have one issue: the internal slot is a bit small. I have a variety of sizes of chopsticks that vary in width and circumference, and only my smallest sized pairs of chopsticks will fit through the slot as intended. Obviously though, if the slot was much bigger, then smaller sized chopsticks might wobble and slide out - so it really comes down to preference in terms of chopstick sizes as to the level of practical functionality.

If you are okay with using smaller sized chopsticks, then I say definitely get these. They will be a beautiful addition to your meal setting.

This chopstick rest has a simple yet ingenious design that goes well with any dish and any dining table. You can use this chopstick rest in two ways: ①when setting up a meal, you can neatly put the chopsticks through the hole on the side, ② during the meal, you can place the chopsticks on the rounded hollow.

The chopstick rest is comfortable to use as the chopsticks do not slip off.

Material: Laminated bamboo

Specifications: Clear coating

Dimensions: 4.6cm x 1.8cm x 1.3cm

Set of 5


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