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Kimono Mom Donabe S/L

Kimono Mom Donabe S/L

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Japanese clay pot that is for easy rice cooking. Only 2 steps to cook.

①Rinse the rice, and soak it in water for 30 minutes.

②Once steam start to come out from the lid opening, turn off the heat.

Let the rice steam in the pot with the lid on, and it is done. Only takes 30 minutes to cook.

The double lid stores the heat to cook the perfect rice easily.

Not only as a rice cooker, but also good for various stewing dishes using different kinds of heat sources. Comes with a Kimono Mom’s original measuring cup, a wooden Japanese traditional rice measuring cup. It measures rice easily, and just fill the water to the level of the water scale on the inside of the pot and it is ready to cook.


Includes : Kimono Mom original wooden Japanese traditional rice measuring cup with logo

Heat sources : Open flame, Oven, Infrared cooktop, Microwave


Donabe S (recommended for 1~2 persons)

Size : Length 21.5cm × Diameter 19.5cm × Height 15cm

Capacity : 1.2 L

Weight : 1,800g

Material : Ceramic

Country of origin : Japan


Donabe L (recommended for over 4 people)

Size : Length 28cm × Diameter 25.5cm × Height 18cm

Capacity : 2.6 L

Weight : 3,400g

Material : Ceramic

Country of origin : Japan

For Donabe, we only support overseas shipping.

Please note that Japanese shipping is not supported.



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