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Kimono Mom Donabe (Small)

Kimono Mom Donabe (Small)

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Thivyesh Ahilathasan

Great product

Jacyln Lee
Best rice cooker

Love the donabe. Makes great rice even if haiga grains. Can’t wait for your large donabe to come back in stock.

Renaud Gabette-Forel

rly good

Jung Ah Suh
Perfect Little Helper You Never Knew You Needed

This is the most versatile cooker for those who love rice, period.

excellently packaged + cooking rice is very easy

I was worried if the Donabe would arrive in Europe in good condition, after all it is made of ceramic, but it was so well packaged that it arrived perfectly fine. Cooking rice in Donabe is much easier than in my classic stainless steel pot. I am very satisfied.

This is the Kimono Mom Donabe (Small)

Thank you for your patience.
We are finally happy to announce the resale of Kimono Mom’s Donabe, which many of you have been requesting since last year!

We are excited to deliver this product to customers worldwide, so we are offering free shipping from Japan to overseas! 

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This new version has Kimono Mom’s logo on it, and is even cuter than before.

Enjoy Japanese home cooking with Kimono Mom using this very easy to use donabe, which is Banko ware, a type of Japanese pottery with over 300 years of history.

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Kimono Mom Donabe (Small)

In addition to being used as a rice cooker, Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) can also be used to make various stewing dishes using different kinds of heat sources. This product comes with a Kimono Mom’s original measuring cup, a wooden Japanese traditional rice measuring cup. It measures rice easily, and just fill the water to the level of the water scale on the inside of the pot and it is ready to cook.


  • Residual heat cooking (twice as thick as ordinary Japanese clay pots) saves energy and time.


  • This is a ready to use product. Some clay pots require sealing before they can be used to cook rice. However this step is unnecessary for this product.
  • Easy to cook rice in a Japanese clay pot using the convenient water level scale on the inside of the pot.
  • When cooking rice there is no need to adjust the strength of the heat during the cooking process.
  • This Japanese clay pot stores heat and does not easily cool down, so it is also good at stewing dishes using residual heat.
  • The donabe can be put into the fridge after cooking.


  • The highest quality heat-resistant materials are used, making it fireproof.
  • Designed with a large non-slip handle. 
  • Conforms to the Japanese Food Sanitation Law. (No lead or cadmium is used.)
  • This product is manufactured in a factory certified under the international standard ISO9001.

      Suitable for use on different kinds of heat sources

      • For open flame
      • Microwave safe
      • Oven safe (Remove the lid when using the oven. The lid is not fireproof.)
      • Infrared Cooktop safe

      Only 2 steps to cook rice

      1. Rinse the rice, and soak it in water for 30 minutes.
      2. Once steam starts to emerge from the lid opening, turn off the heat. Let the rice steam in the pot with the lid on for 10 minutes. The double lid stores the heat inside and cooks perfect rice easily!

      Reviews from kimonoko

      "I love my donabe because it cooks rice perfectly and it cooks rice faster than my electric rice cooker. It is easy to use and looks beautiful displayed on the dining table as well. The donabe is a great investment and can even be used for soups!"

        Product details:

        Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) (recommended for 1~2 people)
        Size : Length 21.5cm × Diameter 19.5cm × Height 15cm
        Capacity : 1.2 L
        Weight : 1,800g
        Material : Ceramic
        Country of origin : Japan
        Includes : Kimono Mom original wooden Japanese traditional rice measuring cup with logo

        Cautions for use:

        • Avoid the following uses as they may cause trouble:
          Do not use this product as a deep fryer.
          Do not heat the pot with nothing inside it.
          Do not place the heated clay pot directly on the table, please use a potholder.
        • When touching the heated pot, please use a pot grip and be careful of steam from the hole in the lid, as this may cause burns or other injuries. 
        • Remove the lid when using the clay pot in the oven. The lid is not fireproof.
        • If you put the pot in the freezer, thaw the contents before putting it on the fire.

        For long-lasting use:

        • Please dry well after use and before storing, as storing the clay pot while wet may cause mold and odor to build up.
        • How to remove burn marks with baking soda
          1. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 cup of water and bring to a boil over low heat.
          2. When the water comes to a boil, heat it as it is for 10 minutes.
          3. Turn off the heat and leave to cool.
          4. After the pot has cooled, wash the inside of the pot with a mild detergent and a sponge, without discarding the water. If the pan is badly burnt, start from step 1 again.


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        Notes regarding shipping time and shipping fees


        *Due to holidays in Japan, there may be a delay in shipping. We appreciate your understanding.

        Shipping time:

        (1) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) 
        (2) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & Sakura Wooden Rice Scoop Set
        (3) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & Sakura Wooden Spatula set 

        (4) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & Sakura Wooden Rice Scoop & Spatula Set
        (5) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & 2 pairs of Bamboo Chopsticks & Bamboo Chopstick Rest (5pcs) : Cherry Blossom Set

        (6) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & 2 pairs of Bamboo Chopsticks & Chopstick Rest (5pcs) Set
        will start shipping once you made an order.
        *Please note, if you purchase any other Kitchen & Living series products at the same time as you purchase items (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)or (6) they will all be shipped together.  If you order any kimonoko series products together with items (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)or (6) they will be delivered separately from different storehouses, so delivery timing of  (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)or (6) and kimonoko series products might different.

        Shipping fees:

        Free shipping for:

        (1) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) 
        (2) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & Sakura Wooden Rice Scoop Set
        (3) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & Sakura Wooden Spatula set 

        (4) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & Sakura Wooden Rice Scoop & Spatula Set
        (5) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & 2 pairs of Bamboo Chopsticks & Bamboo Chopstick Rest (5pcs) : Cherry Blossom Set
        (6) Kimono Mom Donabe (Small) & 2 pairs of Bamboo Chopsticks & Chopstick Rest (5pcs) Set
        However, regular shipping fees will be charged for any items that you buy in addition to items (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)or (6).  Thank you for your comprehension.  If you buy the Rice Scoop, the Spatula, the Chopsticks or Chopstick Rest as separate products, additional shipping costs will apply. 


        Shipping policy:

        Please note that customers may be subject to customs and import duty payments by local governments. In such cases, customers are responsible for all customs and import duties, fees, taxes, or any additional shipping costs incurred. These fees are the responsibility of the parcel recipient. We are NOT responsible for such expenses. For questions about customs, imports, and other fees, please contact your local customs office.
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        Shipping Carrier: 

        This product will be shipped by EMS.

        Due to the increase in material costs, prices have gone up.




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