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Sakura Wooden Spatula

Sakura Wooden Spatula

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Daniel Allen
Handmade Cherry Wood Goodness

These spatulas are total winners. The thoughtful design allows for efficient ingredient manipulation from different angles and for different needs, and the handles feel really good in the hand.

I love the cherry wood manufacture. It looks amazing, and the material is hearty and quintessentially Japanese. Wood is just a far better material than plastic for a number of reasons, including better anti-bacterial properties, and I always prefer wooden spoons and spatulas over synthetic materials.

Plus, the fact that these are handmade and not cheaply made, mass produced products just lends to their appeal. These are a must in my opinion for any kitchen stocked with Japanese cooking implements. I bought three of them and am pleased that I did.

桜の木を使用したスパチュラです。桜の木は日本文化の最もよく知られたシンボルの 1 つです。

6種類のサンドペーパーを使い、日本の職人が一本一本丁寧にヘラを最初から最後まで手作りしています。耐熱性が高く、有害な化学物質を含みません。 使い込むほどに深みのある風合いが増し、愛着が湧いてきます。皆様に笑顔になっていただければと思い、心を込めて商品作り、ロゴデザインをさせていただきました。素敵な日本製の桜の木製スパチュラでお料理をお楽しみください。


素材: 日本の桜の木





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