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Bamboo Chopsticks

Bamboo Chopsticks

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Peter Buksinski

They are thin in comparison to the ones I had before; but without a protective coating or much color/paint, I was looking for this. Well, they'll be useful for one journey I guess.

Carefully selected thick bamboo that has been carefully grown and dried by craftsmen for many years, these chopsticks are carved so that they are easy to hold and fit comfortably in your hand. The tip is thin and square, so even fine grains can be firmly grasped.

"White Bamboo"
A famous bamboo in Kyoto, made by roasting and oiling the bamboo selected from September to November to give it a beautiful glossy finish.

Material: White bamboo
 Dimensions: Length 22.5cm,
Thickness 24cm 
      Tip 1.8mm
Handle Approx. 8mm

- Please wash with lukewarm water or water immediately after use. Use a neutral detergent depending on the type of dirt.
- After cleaning, wipe off the water with a soft cloth and ensure thorough drying. If left with moisture, stains may occur or the coating may peel off.
-Not dishwasher or microwave safe.
- Store in a location away from direct sunlight, as it may cause discoloration or deformation.

*Since natural materials are used, there may be slight differences in the texture. Please note.

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