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Kimono Mom

Bamboo Cup : Red

Bamboo Cup : Red

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Craftsmen shave the bark of high-quality madake bamboo and apply a glossy lacquer coating to the outside of the cup while bringing out the grain of the wood, using a technique called Suri-urushi, while the inside is finished using a technique called tin maki-ji, creating a gorgeous and elegant bamboo cup. It is light and strong, and can be used for both hot and iced drinks. It is also a great gift.

Maki-ji is made by applying lacquer directly to the wood and sprinkling powder such as polishing powder on it before it dries. It is characterised by its rough and casual texture, and is ideal for daily use as scratches do not appear easily on it.


Rubbing lacquer (Suri-urushi) : a technique in which the lacquer is applied and rubbed repeatedly to create a finish that brings out the beauty of the wood grain.

Tin maki-ji: a technique in which lacquer is applied to the wood and finished by sprinkling tin powder on before it dries. The subdued tin sparkle adds a touch of glamour to this item.

【Name】 Lacquer product

【Type of Paint】Inside: Tin Makiji
                             Outside: Suri Urushi Coating (Red/Vermilion)

【Material】Natural bamboo 

【How to care for bamboo lacquerware】 

 After use, wash promptly with warm or cold water. Use a neutral detergent as needed.

 After washing, wipe with soft cloth and dry well. Do not leave in wet condition, it may cause staining or the flaking off lacquering.

 Do not use a dishwasher or microwave.

 Rapid cooling in a refrigerator or freezer may cause cracks in products.

 Store away from direct sunlight, as it may discolor or deformed.

 Do not polish with a scrubber or polishing powder.

 Putting highly acidic substances into the product such as vinegar or lemon juice, may cause the product to deteriorate and lose its luster.

About the color Red 朱色 (Vermilion/Shuiro)

Since ancient times, vermilion has been used in palaces, shrines, and temples to ward off evil and symbolize longevity. Incidentally, applying vermilion rouge to the eyes of a maiko is also meant to ward off evil spirits, and MOE has chosen this color for Kimono Mom.



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